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(Amy's P.O.V)

Hi i'm Amy i'm a pink hedgehog currently 16 years old.

My favorite color is red. It used to be pink but I became a little bit of a tomboy. Not completely but kinda in the middle. Instead of wearing skirts and red dresses I just thought some Jeans and a rank top. I like to play volleyball and watch some anime... YES I LIKE TO WATCH ANIME!!! but I still have some girly things I do like my hair and allot of people told me I have a nice body i'm flattered but that doesn't matter to me but just my friends.

But the only thing I hate from my life is shadow the hedgehog!!! He bullies me by, no not by physical but by acting like a player on me and I don't know if he enjoys bothering me like that just to see my reaction but that's the best guess there is really. and what sucks even more is that both our dads work together and thought of sharing a business trip vacation for all of us. Let's hope I survive. :(

(Shadows P.O.V)

Hi i'm shadow the hedgehog i'm currently 17 years old and love to listen to rock and screamo but i'm cool with people in fact i'm the most popular boy in my school.

So like I said I like rock and screamo especially my chemical romance there pretty awesome. I have a little sister her name is Leo. She knows it's a guy name but she tends to ignore that also she is 13 years old. When I was younger I acted more serious all the time giving them that death glare look even though that was just my regular face. But now with that 'hot teen boy' look people and girls talk to me more. Now I've had my way with girls and by that I mean i've dated them kissed them but never ironically had sex with them I may seem like a rebel but that's just plain retarted.

But a girl I would do things like that to is little miss Amy Rose. I kinda bully her by flirting with her and other stuff but it's mostly just to see that angry face of hers it's so much damn fun I love it and her. But what's got me excited is were going to
my dads business trip with Amy she better be ready to battle me cause i'm the one who will win.

(normal P.O.V)

Amy was sleeping in her bed on a Saturday on summer break not wanting to get up but unfortunately her mom just had to burst in and lift her bed up making her squeal. She listed the to half of herself with her knees rubbing her head.

"oh God my head...what was that!!!" She questioned her mom with a face giving her oh are you crazy.
"common sweetie you have to buy a new swimsuit for the business trip your other one is ripped" her mother replied.
"hey it's not my fault I didn't see that hook right after I was done with it"
"well go buy a new one then do you want me to drive you or will you go walking?"
"I'll go see cream so she can come with me ok?" Her mother nodded back in agreement.

The pink little hedgehog got up from being on the ground revealing all of her from head to toe. She has an elegant body for her age (meaning she looks FINE!!! Dammit not like total hourglass figure or anything) her hair was a little messy but looked good with her. Her hair was all the way up to her shoulders and one quill was curled. She was all pink except her chest was a cream color.

She got dressed into some high top covers which reached to her knees. some gray skinny Jeans and an arepostal red T-shirt. She went outside and started walking to creams house. Cream was a cream colored rabbit that seemed to be little girlish but in a cute way. Amy knocked on her door and after a few short seconds cream answered the bell wearing any regular clothes. Cream greeted Amy with a wave and smile.

"hey cream wanna go to the mall with me?" Amy asked
"yeah sure let's go my parents wouldn't mind"

Cream and Amy were at the mall shopping. Amy was looking for a swimsuit while cream was looking around just to buy some accessories.Amy kept looking around trying to find a really good one for her not perfect but good. She kept walking until something caught her eyes a two piece bikini color red with little drawings and writings like mp3's happy faces and writings like 'too awesome' she loved it so much she dozed off and snapped out of it when cream started talking.

"ummm hello earth to Amy?" Cream questioned
"I have to get that swimsuit" Amy said

After buying it cream and Amy were walking back to there homes having a conversation about Amy going to the trip and how much shell hate it since shadows going. When they both got home Amy saw her parents packing for tomorrow. So she went up stairs and finished packing, oh if only Amy could pass and just be with cream but it's only for the rest of the Weeks of summer with shadow...she's doomed.

The next morning Amy woke up including her parents so they can all her ready and go. Amy took a shower put some navy blue converse  ripped up shorts that reached up to 3 inches from her butt and a blue T-shirt that says. 'love' with the o as a heart when shadow and his family came while Amy was coming down stairs after finishing her hair. As she came down shadow gave her a playful smirk then Amy passed him with a face of nothing giving him the middle finger which made shadow want her more.

"so are we all ready" Amy's mom questioned with a cheerful tone.
"sure let's go" shadows mom asked with the same tune

They walked inside the car and started driving. Apparently there going to a hotel but not in there same city so the drive might take like 3 hours. 1:30 hrs. Have passed so Amy started falling to sleep. She got scared when shadow put his headphone into Amy's ear playing some loud rock music from drowning pool.

"wake up princess" he said with another smirk. She punched him in the arm.
"dumbass!!"  she replied going back to sleep.

They finally got there but Amy was still asleep that's when shadow got an idea. He got closed which made there bodies crush together and he started tickling her stomach. At first she started giggling but when she opened her eyes she got angry and started pushing him away. He laughed so much he held his chest from the pain. Amy saw there were only 3 rooms for then she guessed one was for one married couple and the next one for the other but did she have to share a room with shadow. Maybe if she was lucky his sister can keep them as a wall when they sleep.

"so her we back to video games" Leo said getting out her dsi to play.
"lazy ass " shadow replied making a joke
"look who's talking" she poked his stomach laughing a bit.

Amy was packing her stuff out when shadow came into the room. Wrapped his arms around her waist from the back making her surprised.

"I see you didn't talk to me that much on the drive awe u mad" he started baby talk.
"when am I not when your around"

She slapped his hands away and walked away. Shadow gave off a smirk and thought 'she's just playing hard to get'.
There might be some bad language in the next episodes also don't blame me if I put myself in the story dammit!!!

But hope you like the story :D

By the way I got the story idea from somewhere

Next- [link]
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